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The Secret Supper Society

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I read about The Secret Supper Society, a home restaurant run by Jules Thomas, in foodie magazine Crumbs and it sounded brilliant! After booking a table a few months in advance (they get booked up quickly), George and I headed out to Somerton, a small village in Oxfordshire to give it a try last autumn. It’s taken me a month to write this one up (winter is for hibernating right?) but it’s definitely worth sharing…
IMG_4438.JPGOn arrival at Jules’ country home we were greeted by Jules’ husband and daughter – our fantastic servers for the evening, who took our BYO drinks to be chilled. We were shown to our own table in the informal dining room, which seats 12 guests . It’s a relaxed affair, with something fun on each table for the guests to use (I don’t want to give too much away!). Entertainment comes in the form of a record player. It’s true, music sounds so much better on vinyl and we all had fun flicking through the record collection to chose a song.

Then came the food! We were served up five delicious courses, handmade by Jules and to the standard of an upscale restaurant (without the hefty price tag). Jules would pop out every now and again to tell us about the dishes and what ingredients she’d used, which was a lovely touch. The menu changes for each evening Jules’ runs, reflecting the seasonal produce available.IMG_4441.JPGThe whole experience was completely different to anything we’d done before and it was a really fun night – definitely worth the hour’s drive for us. I am still dreaming about Jules’ handmade chocolates, they were too good!  Maybe I give them a try myself using her recipe?


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