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Weaving at The Forge

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I recently discovered first hand a really cool creative space in Bristol, called The Forge, which hosts a number of workshops and gatherings. I was here for a weaving workshop with Lucy Davidson of Peas and Needles. Pictured is me in the throws of making! 14425479_1142926539122180_6188310854539955919_oStepping inside the gorgeous renovated space,  I was a world away from the hustle and bustle of  Bristol city and could have stayed all day weaving. 14435263_1142926529122181_5834144889848263408_o
Lucy taught us all the basics, on her handcrafted looms (which are available to buy), with enough time to make a small wall hanging. There were lots of different materials to work with, my favourite being the roving and pom poms. 14444932_1142926095788891_4489692229273776781_o
The day ended with a really delicious buffet lunch and I came home with the loom so I can improve on my first attempt! I may just give the wall hanging below a go, which Lucy made using lots of tassels. 14379766_1142926515788849_5029857231492093553_o.jpg
All photos courtesy of the The Forge. 


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