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Making Elderflower Cordial

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My Instagram feed has been full of people making elderflower cordial of late so I thought I’d give it a go myself.IMG_2712.JPGThere are a few elder trees down my road so I didn’t have far to go to pick the flowers. The trees can be found along country lanes, hedgerows and footpaths, as well as at the edge of woodlands. It’s best to avoid picking them from busy roads, because of car pollution.

I followed this really simple BBC Food recipe to make the cordial, using elderflower, water, sugar, citric acid, oranges and lemons. Instead of the muslin, I used coffee paper to filter the cordial, before bottling. IMG_2719.JPGIMG_2724.JPG
It doesn’t take very long to make and tastes delicious, especially with soda water or in a refreshing a Grand Esprit cocktail – made using 20ml of elderflower cordial, 20ml Grand Marnier and 140ml soda water. I’m using mine to make ice lollies too. Happy making!


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