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Giffords Circus Fun

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The circus isn’t just for kids and on Sunday I experienced the magic of Giffords Circus, 15 years after they started. What took me so long?IMG_2560.JPG
Giffords is a small, traditional circus, which is well loved in Gloucestershire and beyond. I watched them on a gorgeous warm evening in the grounds of Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe. You can catch them at various other locations throughout the summer months, mostly in the local area.

The tour, named The Painted Wagon, has a wild west theme and without giving too much away, features acrobatics, aerialists, beats from a live band and jokes from Tweedy the Clown, who’s become a bit of a celebrity in Gloucestershire. The show was filled with laughter, as well as gasps at the incredible skill and strength of the amazing performers. What I loved about the show is how it’s suitable for all ages and it’s not just young families that attend.IMG_2572.JPG
It was a wonderful evening but didn’t finish once the show was over. We had booked into the sixty seat travelling restaurant, Circus Sauce. Oh wow! The restaurant is decorated absolutely gorgeously and food is served up on mis-matched Emma Bridgewater china (Emma Bridgewater is the half sister of Nell Gifford who set up Giffords Circus with her husband Toti). The three course feast featured nettle soup with homemade bread, toad in the hole and treacle sponge pudding.
IMG_2567.JPGThe food was gorgeous and there was more entertainment in store from the kitchenettes too! It’s bring your own booze so grab a bottle if you’re going and do make sure you book early as the restaurant quickly sells out.

We left Giffords Circus feeling enchanted. See you next year!


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