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Forest of Dean Segway Experience

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On Sunday morning I headed to Go Ape in the Forest of Dean for the Forest Segway Experience and it was so cool!
Before coming, I naively thought Segways worked in the same way as motorbikes -controlling them via the handlebars. Not true at all. It’s all about your balance – leaning forward to move forward and standing upright to stop.

Once we had a little practice session, the instructor took our group out on a trail through the forest, for an hour’s ride. If you’re lucky, you can spot wild boar and deer but the forest scenery is pretty nice, even if you don’t.

I can’t say that riding a Segway is as easy as riding a bike, as I did stupidly fall off (slightly embarrassing), but it is definitely much faster and way more fun. I loved it and even the rain at the end of the trail didn’t dampen our spirits. As Go Ape says – live life more adventurously!


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