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Wild Garlic Season

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Working at a fruit and veg farm since mid 2014 has completely changed my outlook on fresh food. I now try to eat seasonably and avoid buying food which has been flown in, where possible.
Surrounded by Gloucestershire countryside, I love foraging for blackberries in late summer, to make crumbles and smoothies and sloes in winter, to make warming sloe gin. Spring is the season for wild garlic and so a few weeks ago I went in search of it, for the first time.

Wild garlic likes shaded areas, so you’ll find it in woodlands, often next to bluebells. I’d heard that it grows in areas around Slad, so headed there and asked some local walkers to point out where it might be. After walking around for hours (great exercise at least), I didn’t manage to find any, just lots of bluebells. This is probably down to my terrible sense of direction.

Driving back to Gloucester empty handed and feeling defeated, as luck would have it, I spotted some on the roadside, just after The Woolpack Inn. Once I went over, the strong smell of garlic the leaves give off when you rub them, confirmed I had finally found some.

I used the wild garlic I picked in my homemade pasta sauce and soups. It adds a much more subtle flavour, compared to bulb garlic and I’ve read it has lots of health benefits, like antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. I fully intended to make some cheese and wild garlic scones but ran out of time. I still have time to pick some more though, as it’s in season until the end of May. I hope to try out these scones when I do pick some more. This time around the hunt for wild garlic should be much easier!


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