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Hello Fresh

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This week I got to trial a food box from the fantastic HelloFresh.
IMG_4517.JPGI’d heard a lot of people talking about HelloFresh and had wanted to try it for a while. I think it’s an amazing idea but was a little put off by the prices – it works out at £6.50 per person for each meal. So when my friend, who subscribes to HelloFresh, offered me a free box, I jumped at the chance!

My box arrived direct to my door on Monday, complete with woolpack insulation to keep the meat items cool – great if you’re out whilst your box is delivered. The box contained all the ingredients we needed to make three simple and healthy meals, including detailed recipe cards.

I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients and it definitely got us to cook and taste things in a different way. I also love the fact that the woolpacks can be sent back to HelloFresh and reused – I normally have a pang of guilt when I throw away all the bubble wrap and plastic that arrives with my online shopping parcels.

You can manage your preferences online, so I went for quick – for me cooking is all about making food as quickly as possible, using fresh produce. I was sent the speediest recipes to prepare for the week, which were beef enchiladas with ranchero beans, creamy paprika chicken with rice and pan fried chicken with new potatoes, green beans and tarragon sauce. All were so good!
In this busy world, convenience is always a plus but I do need to balance it with cost too. Whilst I won’t be having the boxes every week, George and I have agreed to have them perhaps every month and to build up our recipes. HelloFresh certainty encourages you to get out of a food rut, with minimum effort and I can’t wait to see what our next box brings!


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