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Instagrammers To Follow

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Instagram is such a great source of inspiration and gives me so many ideas on interior style, things to make, recipes to try and places to visit.

I follow lots of creative folk on Instagram and here’s some of my favourite Instagrammers. Go give them a follow!

@happycotswoldco (Angela Barnes)
Angela is a graphic designer in Cheltenham and her colourful family home is just gorgeous.
@cotton_clara (Chloe Hardisty)
Chloe loves to make things, in particular, modern needlepoint and cross stitch pieces, which she also sells (and I have bought!). 3@allison_sadler (Allison Sadler)
Allison owns lifestyle store, People in Birmingham and is a designer, blogger and stylist. Next time I’m in Birmingham I want to visit her shop!
Capture@91magazine (Caroline Rowland)
Caroline is a blogger, stylist, editor of 91 Magazine and author of fab The Shopkeeper’s Home, which I have a copy of. 1One day, I hope my Instagram account is filled with amazing photos like these.

All photos taken from the Instagram accounts mentioned above.


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