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Homemade Christmas Wreath

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This weekend I made a simple Christmas wreath – all from foliage I gathered, so I didn’t need to buy anything for it. It’s always nice to save money and homemade things always feel really special. The wreath is now proudly hanging in my hall. Picture 166I picked the following for the wreath, all from either my garden or my family and friend’s gardens:

  • Bendy twig
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Mistletoe
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Conifer

As I work on a farm that grows real Christmas trees I also used some of the off cuts from Norway Spruce and Nordman Fir trees. This added extra colours and textures but conifer and rosemary work just as well and are really easy to find in gardens.

Once all my foliage had been freshly cut, I started by creating a circle using a bendy stick I found. I’m not sure what plant it was from but if you’re having trouble finding a suitable stick to bend into a circle, try using willow or thick wire. Secure the two ends with florist wire, wrapping round tightly several times. I used silver wire for this and green wire once I started working with the foliage.IMG_3548.jpgI built the foliage on top of the circle, securing the ends with wire around the stick. Make sure the foliage goes around the circle in the same direction (anti clockwise in this case). I used the conifer, rosemary, ivy and Christmas tree off cuts for the base and then layered large pieces of eucalyptus on top of that.IMG_3549.jpgTo finish I added the mistletoe and then holly. I used the holly last so the vibrant red berries were at the front and also so I didn’t have to keep touching the spiky leaves! Hang up with a piece of jute string or ribbon if you prefer.

When you take a look around, there’s lots of greenery that you can use and will last well out of water. You just need a garden or two to forage in!


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