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Besties Holiday Fund

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Whilst many of you will be buying Christmas presents for your closest friends, I’ll be putting aside £10 into a ‘besties holiday fund’.
IMG_3455.JPGLast year, me and six of my besties set up a little holiday saving account, ready for a girly weekend away to celebrate our next big birthdays.

Although it’s a long, long way off yet, we will all be 40 in 2022 (except Vanessa who was born the year before the rest of us). So whenever it’s one of our birthdays (not our own) and at Christmas, we each put £10 into our holiday savings account, instead of buying a present.

We’ve all been friends for years and recently there’s been lots of girly weekends away, celebrating our 30th birthdays, hens and just because we wanted to! Not everyone has always been able to come so our little holiday fund means that when 2022 does come around, no one will miss out.

We always used to do a Secret Santa at Christmas but this year we’ll all be adding in another £10. The birthday and Christmas celebrating doesn’t stop though and on Saturday we had our annual Christmas get together. As always there were lots of drinks and laughs!


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