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Drawer Shelves

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Last weekend my husband and I finally got round to hanging these drawer shelves in our living room and I’m really pleased with them! (Sorry about the photos, all taken in the dark with my chandelier reflecting on the wall).
Picture 140
They were both battered old drawers, destined for the skip, so only cost me the paint, which I already had. That old cliché is so true – ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’.

Neither of the drawers looked good bare – the wood was really cheap looking, which is one of the reasons why I painted them white. The white also matches in nicely with my built in cupboard and shelving around the room’s chimney breast.

A friend of mine sawed off the lip on the underside of both of the drawers, using a power saw, so they could both sit flush on the wall. Once I had painted them, they were ready to go!

After much deliberating about where exactly to put them – always the trickiest part for me, George added two screws in the top and bottom of each drawer to hang them. I then painted all the screws white.
Picture 139.jpgThe best bit was of course was styling them. I have been buying bits and bobs for the last few months, in anticipation of the shelves going up. My living room is an explosion of bright colours, so all these pieces match in well.
I am also thinking of putting some mini bunting or something in the top of the right hand drawer as it looks a bit bare at the top.

Now to start thinking about getting my embroidery hoops hung using the gorgeous Liberty fabric, get some batteries for my lightbox and start getting ready for Christmas!

Happy 1 December.


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