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My First Pakkekalender

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I first read about pakkekalenders through an Instagram post from the fantastic Danish store company, Tiger. A pakkekalender is an Advent gift calendar used in Denmark, consisting of 24 small gifts to represent each day in the run up to Christmas Day.
I thought it would be a really nice idea to get into the Christmas spirit early and give the pakkekalender a go myself. The Danes do Christmas so well after all!

I started off by listing 24 of my closest family and friends to buy a gift for but I don’t think there are any rules to it – you could choose buy the gifts just for your children or partner.IMG_3162-2
Next I set a budget. As the gifts are supposed to be little, I opted for £1 per gift. I managed to stick to this for all but five people, only going very slightly over (lucky them!). Although £1 doesn’t sound like a lot, I was surprised at what goodies I picked up.

With my £24 (and a bit) in hand I hit my favourite bargain store, Wilko and of course the place that introduced me to pakkekalenders, Tiger. Without giving too much away (you never know who’s reading), some of the things I bought for a round pound included small baking items, tea lights, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, a Christmas lottery scratch card, colouring books and stationery items.

I gave each gift a number (1-24) and a personalised label – made with these Hobbycraft mini alphabet stamps. Now I’m looking forward to handing out the presents throughout December. It’s a good excuse to go visit people too!
My finished pakkekalender is pictured above but take a look at my Pinterest board as well, to see some really fun and well displayed pakkekalenders. Some of my presents were too big and heavy to hang so I couldn’t go down that route.

I will definitely be doing a pakkekalender next year – perhaps making the presents themed. Roll on 1 December!


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