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Love List: 21 October 2015

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What I’m loving right now…

1 – These signs from Oh Hello Beau are super cool and spotted on Instagram (where else?). I liked the look of them so much I ordered two!
2 – My new (old) Silverette yellow typewriter. I saw a retailer selling one on Instagram but found this one for a fraction of the price from a private seller on eBay.
3 – My handmade picture, using a Motex label maker from the fabulous online lifestyle shop Violet and Percy.IMG_2763
4 – My newly styled gold frames (that the picture above sits in). I picked them up for next to nothing from a charity shop and hung them in my dining room a while ago. They always looked a bit unfinished with nothing inside and I toyed with the idea of adding some brightly coloured wallpaper panels behind each frame.

They had been up empty for almost a year and last week I decided to fill them with homemade pictures, photos, postcards, niece’s and nephew’s drawings (I have 10 as of yesterday!), maybe some hanging dried flowers – whatever really. I’m pleased with the way they are starting to shape up and I’m not in a rush to fill up the frames straight away.I have lots of washi tape at the ready to use when I come across something worthy of hanging!
5 – This recently launched Shopkeeper’s Home book by Caroline Rowland, which I had on pre-order. I love having a range of hardback ‘look books’ that I can constantly and easily refer back to, for home and craft inspiration. If you love to swoon over eclectic homes or perhaps dream of one day owning your own shop, then this book is for you.IMG_2766
Now to dream about how I’d style my shop…


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