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Baileys Home Store

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Last Sunday my husband, George and I headed for Ross-on-Wye – less than 20 miles from Gloucester and nestled in rural Herefordshire (not to be mistaken for Hertfordshire). We had booked an afternoon of canoeing with Wye Pursuits but before we stopped there, we took a detour to the fabulous Baileys Home Store.
Picture 003I kept hearing about how amazing Baileys was, including reading a glowing review from Mary Portas, so just had to visit! The store is housed in a beautiful barn, with equally beautiful items. There are a good mix of Scandinavian inspired accessories made from natural materials and vintage pieces, like wooden bobbins, crates and printers trays. I really loved having a browse around and I heard one man say “this is the nicest shop I’ve ever been in”! It’s so good that’s maybe why it doesn’t allow any photos to be taken inside.Picture 002I like styling my home with vintage items and couldn’t resist a few colourful vintage seed packets from here. I’m not sure how I will use them yet but maybe in a nkuku glass frame.  I’m always on the look out for vintage bits and bobs – be it in shops, online, at car boots or at flea markets, so I liked how Baileys bought vintage items into the shop. I can also recommend online store Dirty Pretty Vintage and Domestic Science, which has shops in Tetbury and Nailsworth, for some really unique and gorgeous vintage pieces.

If you do have the opportunity to visit Baileys than take it – you will walk out of there feeling inspired and I bet, like me, you will not leave empty-handed! As well as the seed packets, I bought some brass clips, which I may use to hang some pictures from, some pencils and sharpener (everyone needs a pencil!) and some recycled paper for crafting.Picture 004


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